Welcome WaPi!

Make learning easy with WaPi chatbot. Just ask.

WaPi is an artificial intelligence powered chatbot that answers all questions of your workforce.

Chat & Learn
Your workforce ask questions to WaPi. WaPi will give the best possible answer or solution. Watch how your workforce will learn and grow!
Connect to AI
Optional you can connect WaPi to Dialogflow from Google. WaPi will learn continuously. It will give WaPi superpowers!
Your Knowledge
WaPi will learn from your knowledge base, FAQ, courses or any document you provide. We make sure your data is safe and secure.
Deploy Everywhere
With a simple script, we (or your IT) can deploy WaPi everywhere. On websites, intranets, lms, mobile apps, etc.
No Coding Required. We’ll take care of everything.
It’s our goal to make WaPi accessible for every organisation. Therefore we’ll take care of everything. 24/7.
Johan Kenzeler
CEO edloomio

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs?
The costs of WaPi are a one-time setup fee and a monthly fee for hosting, updates, maintenance and support. In a free and personal demo and we’ll calculate the exact costs for your organisation.
Is WaPi part of edloomio cloud?
WaPi is tightly integrated in edloomio cloud but is a standalone solution. For this time we only offer WaPi to edloomio cloud clients. In the future we will offer WaPi without edloomio cloud.
Is WaPi open source?
No it is not.
Is WaPi safe?
We take the safety of our client’s data very serious. Our private cloud servers are located in a ISO certified TIER3 datacenter in the Netherlands. We use SSL connections, multiple firewalls, daily remote backups and a lot more. Patches and bug-fixing are applied automatically.
Is WaPi GDPR compliant?
Yes. WaPi is GDPR compliant. If you connect WaPi with Dialogflow the GPDR compliance terms of Google Cloud apply.
How do I start?
Ask for a free and personal demo with the form below. We show you how WaPi works, what the possibilities are and how we can start in your organisation. Rest assure, we’ll take care of everything.
Want to see WaPi in action and discover the possibilities?
Fill in the form below and we will contact you for a free and personal demo. No strings attached.