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Become an edloomio partner and offer total learning solutions

Edloomio partners offer a huge range of value-added learning & development services such as consultancy, training, coaching or other software. An edloomio partner combines our learning platform with in-house services to offer customers a total learning solution.

The result is happy customers enjoying an enterprise open source learning platform combined with tailored solutions and expertise of their local partner.

Partner Benefits

Priority access to support
Sales Support
Co-funded marketing activities
Leads generated by edloomio
Exclusive webinars
All-in-One Control Panel
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Partner Application Process
1. Fill in the form on this page.
2. We’ll send you more information.
3. We’ll investigate your business.
4. We’ll meet online or (if locally) in person.
5. Partnership approval if all is checked.

We try to keep the partner application process as fast and easy as possible. All communication is in English.