The benefits of online safety training

There is no question that the process of safety training can be one that feels like an extremely tedious chore for those who attend them. If you have a business that needs to get an entire workforce trained on the process of safety in the workplace, we can share a few advantages of using e-learning for the purpose of safety training and the benefits it brings.

1. You will save a lot of time

If hold your training sessions online, you will be able to forget about printing materials, scheduling, catering and a large number of details that can be extremely time consuming for you.

2. A smart investment

If you start using a well-defined process for your training sessions online, you will be able to use the same process again and again with all new employees and you would only need to tweak any specific changes that have been made between each group of trainees if there are any.

3. You’ll deliver a stronger message with the right kind of media

One of the things that make the internet so great is that there is plenty of footage available for free in places like YouTube. You can search for a bunch of great clips about workplace accidents and this is going to make the training process much easier for people to enjoy.

There are many workplace accidents on YouTube that can be horrific to watch, so try to avoid the gruesome ones as some people in your workforce might be too sensitive to this. There is no need to shock them beyond comfort in order to keep them entertained and paying attention.

4. Leave record keeping to software

Instead of having to keep records and loads of paperwork in the process, all of the record-keeping can be done by edloomio without any risk of losing that important data. You can also create a short but informative sign up system that will allow you to have essential information on every person that attends the training.

5. Make the training process convenient

People are going to feel much better about being able to “attend” a training session from the comfort of their homes and this is going to make it seem like less of a chore and more of an innovation that they will appreciate.

6. You will save money

The reduction in training costs is going to be huge if you start implementing a good online solution. You will be saving money on location, energy, resources, printing and any other arrangements you might need for those who attend the training.


There are many advantages and extremely useful tools that can be implemented if you start to use the internet for your training. Just make sure that you can get the right kind of setup and solutions in order to make this transition work for you.

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