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Need the best solution to train your workforce? Meet edloomio Cloud. Create, manage and track learning in a single solution.
Easy setup | 14 Days Free Trial |  GDPR Compliant
Trusted by 20000+  people worldwide
Do it all with just
one platform
Create Courses
Create an online or offline course in a few clicks! No need of other software or tools.
Manage & Track
Manage accounts and track the progression of employees in detailed reports.
Deploy & Scale
Make your learning 24/7 online accessible. You can easily extend features and scale your plan.

Use for onboarding

Give your new colleagues a rocket start with an engaging onboarding process. Use our onboarding template or create a new one to help new employees getting to know their workplace, responsibilities and company rules, so they can thrive in their new position. According to a Brandon Hall Research in 2017, organisations using dedicated onboarding technology are 60% more likely to see an increase in employee engagement.

Use for training & compliance

Train face to face, online or blended, edloomio cloud is the only tool you need. It is tremendous flexible but remains easy to use.

Deliver essential compliance learning with our unique easy-to-use compliance plugin, automatic reminders for annual training and downloadable reports to track completion.
Start easy & enjoy the freedom!
Edloomio Cloud is great for organisations who want an open source out-of-the-box learning platform. It is ideal for those without a dedicated learning and development team. Thanks to our Open Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud hosting you have nothing to install and we take care of all the technical server stuff. Are you ready for liftoff?
Create, deploy and track learning
A single platform to manage training and achieve better business performance.
Online Course Builder
Combine interactive videos, quizzes, PowerPoint presentations, games, SCORM, … , to create highly engaging courses.
Doc Viewer
Upload PowerPoint presentations so employees can view the presentations right from their browser. No downloads, no MS Office required. Also Word docx and PDF compatible.
Training Paths
Combine courses into training paths. A great solution for easy onboarding. It gives your employees a clear path to their learning goals.
Track & Report
Have direct access to a clear & simple completion report. Or dive deeper into detailed reports tracking individual users or groups. Download every report in an Excel compatible format.
Streamline processes with the compliance required approval plugin and the automatic course re-completion plugin.
No need to invent the wheel twice! Select a course template, download and customize to your needs. Enjoy high quality templates created by real learning experts.
Responsive design
Edloomio Cloud is accessible through any modern device connected with the internet. Smartphones, tables, laptops, desktops.
Multi Language
Howdy, Hallo, Bonjour, Ola, … , Edloomio Cloud supports +50 languages and can automatically adapt to the native language of the user.
Easy Roles
By default there are 3 roles: admin, manager and user. You can create new roles or edit existing ones according to your requirements.
Extend & Connect
Need more? Connect with other systems and extend with +1600 plugins available! Can’t find what you need? Don’t worry, our coding heroes can build it for you!
Moodle Compatible
Edloomio Cloud is a custom distribution of the open source learning management system Moodle. You can easily switch between the 2 platforms.
Ready To Go
Based on years of feedback from our clients, we’ve configured Edloomio Cloud so you instantly enjoy an awesome learning solution out-of-the-box.
We’ve trained over 1,000 employees in 3 months with edloomio lms. That normally would have taken us 3 years.
Mark Peeters
HR Manager

Flexible Pricing that Scales to your needs

All plans include: Unlimited Users | Online support helpdesk | Updates | SSL security | Daily backups | High Availability (99.95% uptime)
Starter Plan
Suited for low traffic platforms with a handful of active users.
Premium Plan
Suited for medium traffic platforms with dozens of active users.
Deluxe Plan
Suited for high traffic platforms with hundreds active users.
More plans
Please contact us for more plans.
Billed annually
Contact us

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the plans work and how many users can I register?
You can register an unlimited amount of users. Our plans are based on the amount of active users. The more people actively use your platform, the bigger plan you’ll need. You can always upgrade to a bigger plan when needed.
Is edloomio Cloud safe?
We take the safety of our client’s data very serious. Our private cloud servers are located in a ISO certified TIER3 datacenter in the Netherlands. We use SSL connections, multiple firewalls, daily remote backups and a lot more. Patches and bug-fixing are applied automatically.
What kind of support do I get?
Our support team is available from Monday through Friday except national and local holidays. Our support team is available between 9am and 5pm (Amsterdam time). During that time, we will respond with a proposed solution as soon as possible, depending on the question.
Your Free Demo
In a personal demo we’ll demonstrate edloomio Cloud and answer all your questions.
We’re proud that +20000 people use our software daily to learn and to grow. Our goal is to offer an open and easy-to-use learning platform for every business and organisation. I guess you can say we’re doing great!
edloomio Cloud is an open source learning platform suited for businesses and organisations who need an out-of-the-box, easy to use and flexible learning platform.
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